SHIBARMY NFTs and the effect on Liquidity


We were able to increase our NFT sales to a total of 9.3 $BNB and added LP worth $3,200 today, combined with a buyback of 4 $BNB worth of $SHIBARMY

Here are multiple reasons why it is extremely significant:

  1. It helps to ensure there is always sufficient liquidity in the system to match orders at all times. Traders do not have to seek who to buy from or who to sell to.
  2. Decentralization, since no centralized counterpart like a CEX is needed.
  3. It guarantees fast transaction time and on-demand trading.
  4. Locked Liquidity provides security to your investment.



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$SHIBARMY is audited and vetted token on BSC that pays holders 8% rewards in $SHIB as dividends for holding. SHIBARMY is here to follow SHIBA INU’s footsteps.