SHIBARMY Coin Hunt Treasure Map — Contest #3

The Shibarmy team is proud to announce the start of our upcoming contest. This time the contest will be an interactive adventure and our beloved Shiba Inu needs your help to navigate dangerous cliffs and hungry sharks!

2 min readFeb 9, 2022

What is going on?

We discovered a treasure map, promising a tremendous reward for fearless buccaneers and pirates. It is unclear what exactly will be waiting for us below the cross, but together with our Shibarmy community, we will be capable to.

Our brave mascot wants to unearth these legendary treasures and artifacts and is about to form an adventurous party, buy a ship, heavy tools, and weaponry to enter the seas.

How you become a part of our brave crew

To fund our endeavor, we need the power of the community to raise enough exposure to be able to handle the dangers awaiting us out there.

We are posting a series of tweets regarding our Coin Hunt and every like, comment, and retweet count to find out what is going on!

What are we going to discover?

The number of Likes determines the amount of $SHIBARMY coins we are going to find inside the chest.

The number of Comments will set the size for our party and by that the number of available prizes in the upcoming gleam contest.

The number of Retweets remains a bit of an intriguing mystery, frequent rumors say there are rare artifacts of a forgotten time ready to unveil. Each of these is a unique and valuable asset that will be a glorious part of your mighty collection.

What we undoubtfully have to do next

Head over to our Twitter Page and like, comment and retweet every tweet containing one of 3 key parts of the marvelous Coin Hunt Treasure Map.

#SHIBARMY Features:
💥- 8% #Shib Rewards
💥- 1% for Liquidity
💥- 1% for Marketing.

📌 Token Information:
🔸Ticker: $SHIBARMY
🔸Contract address: 0x940230b6b7ef1979a28f32196a8e3439c645ba49
💥Set slippage to 11%-15%


International Telegram:

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$SHIBARMY is audited and vetted token on BSC that pays holders 8% rewards in $SHIB as dividends for holding. SHIBARMY is here to follow SHIBA INU’s footsteps.